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Behind the Name: Tannic Mountain

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Tannin is a yellow-brown plant-based organic substance used in leather and ink production, two of life's most important features. The rich, musky smell of worn leather is unforgettable to us horsemen, and the stories we cherish are all but whispers without pen on paper. I can only briefly mention to the world how essential both leather and ink are to my success, though naming my businesses after this overlooked substance is my attempt at publicizing the two most important aspects of my life: my farm and my studio, also named after the place where I grew up.

The Blue Ridge Mountains. The Shenandoah Valley.

Memories of these mountains inspire me to succeed.

They encourage me to inspirit others.

I couldn't fathom detaching myself from either equines or artistry. Only those who have ever truly loved a trade and exercised such a passion could understand the connection an artist has with his or her process and the artwork it entails. Only those who have bonded with an animal, particularly one most categorize as livestock, can understand the culture, the drug horses are for those who love and appreciate them.

My goal was never to alienate people who don't understand the joy, but to invite them to share it with us. Pick up a pen, pencil, paintbrush, camera, or any instrument you're drawn to... Make music, photography, drawing, painting, or horses your own, and be proud of yourself for it! Creativity is a muscle. It thrives on consistency, on discipline. Appreciate yourself and the things you make with both confidence and humility.

I respect imagination.

I applaud every effort of ingenuity.

Everything is a work of art, and whether it is the horses I produce, the music I compose, the moments I photograph, the stories I capture, or the drawings I design, my passions exist in offering this world quality and utility masterpieces.

This concept is the foundation of Tannic Mountain Farm's motto:

Breeding the finest. Training effectively. Competing to win.

Matoka's Marque with her 2019 filly, Earthshine.


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